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Enhancing your Fundraising Experience

Charity Solutions supports various charities, non-profits, schools, teams and similar organizations to help with their fund raising efforts, add value to communities and help those in need. Our No Cost, No Risk solutions aid these groups and provide great value to their generous contributors.

How it works

Providing Value, Quality, Uniqueness and Ultimate Success at Every Event!

Conducting a Fund Raiser?

Implement a silent or live auction to challenge people’s competitive spirit and raise more funds for your cause.

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Exclusive VIP Experiences and more

Looking to make your next charity auction the talk of the town? Charity Solutions can offer exclusive VIP experiences for your next silent or live benefit auction. Our exclusive VIP Experiences include a American Music

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Auction Services

Implement a silent or live auction to challenge people’s competitive spirit and raise more funds for your cause. We would be happy to put an auction package together for you based on your needs and current inventory available all at zero-risk to your organization.

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“I have to admit, we were a little hesitant at first to use Charity Solutions. However, after talking with Fred and better understanding how the company works, I quickly learned that Fred is one of the most honest, trustworthy people you can meet, so it didn’t take much to convince me that this was a reputable company with people who truly want to assist organizations such as ours.

I was very impressed with Fred’s professionalism, prompt responses, and willingness to accommodate our organization’s needs. Fred is very approachable and so helpful, offering very good suggestions from his experience with former events/organizations. Our organizing committee and guests were very impressed with the quality of items Charity Solutions provided. In fact, we had referred Charity Solutions to at least three different people that evening who had inquired about the company. We will definitely use Charity Solutions again next year and look forward to future partnerships.

For an organization such as ours which is made up entirely of volunteers, it can be challenging to find volunteers to organize and help with events, so I would highly recommend Charity Solutions for any organization such as ours – they were a real blessing! A special thank-you to Andy (Fred’s father-in-law) who was most helpful in delivering our items and even helping set out some items on the tables and bringing along some extra easles for us to use – very impressed with the family-business Charity Solutions represents.”

Kathy TachynskiCanadian Transplant Association

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